The need for government at all levels to preserve mother language by promoting the teaching and learning of the language at the early stage of a child’s life has again been emphasized.

This formed the consensus by some respondents who spoke with Pensioners’ FM on the occasion of this year’s International Mother Language Day.

They called on the Federal Government to constitute a language that will guarantee easy communication across linguistic boundaries and encourage national unity.

Expressing his view, an associate of Professor and Head of Linguistics and Language Department, Ekiti State University, Professor Yemi Akanbi made the call in commemoration of this year’s world mother tongue day.

He argued that Nigeria’s problem is not multilingualism but inequality as well as lopsidedness in the distribution of national assets and access to power among the elites which are the major problems to be tackled in Nigeria.

The world mother tongue day which has been approved by UNESCO in 1999 is celebrated on the 21st of every year for the promotion of language and awareness of culture and this year’s theme is fostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and society.

Aanuoluwapo Fasoyin

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