Female Genital Mutilation has no benefits but full of dangers and negative health effects.

This was the submission of the Coordinator, Female Genital Mutilation, Oyo State Primary Health Board, Mrs Balkis Olawoyin at a workshop on “FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION, POLICIES AND LAWS” held in Ibadan.

Mrs Olawoyin, said some of the complications of the mutilation on the female genitals, are severe pains during menstruation and childbirth.

She further makes reference on the complications of the mutilation on the female such as difficulties during menstruation and childbirth that the culture will not itemized in the justification for mutilation.

Mrs. Olawoyin added that “We are still trying our efforts to make people stop the conspiracy of silence in the community, because you and I know that Female Genital Mutilation is not a procedure that’s done openly, it is usually done in the hidden”

Another resource Person at the event, who is a legal Practitioner, Mrs Tolulope Adeoti, stressed that there is a law protecting the Female Child against Mutilation, therefore urged Parents and Members of the public to report any cases of FGM in their neighborhood to the appropriate agencies.

She said “Female Genital Mutilation is discrimination in act because it’s purposefully done for girls, some people will say, oh! They don’t want the girls to be promiscuous and all of that. But just as Mrs Olawoyin Has rightly explained, it’s a fallacy; it doesn’t stop girls from been promiscuous.

 If any, it exposes them to do more, there are lots of women mutilated and they are quick to save up the experience and all of that, they don’t feel satisfied, majority of them. So what you are trying to cure at the end of the day, you are opening it up again”

One of the event facilitators, Mr Emmanuel Oni, called for more collaboration from the media on the fight against Female genital mutilation.

During the interactive section, Media Representatives shares their views on how government can tackle the act through continuous public enlightenment and advocates.

Babatunde Tiamiyu

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