The Senegalese authorities have suspended the signal of two private television stations after accusing them of focusing too much on protests triggered by the arrest of an opposition leader, Ousmane Sonko.

The two stations affected by the decision by the National Audiovisual Regulatory Council (CNRA) are Sen TV and Walf TV channels.

The stations were accused of broadcasting “in loop” images of the unrest after Mr. Sonko’s arrest.

Earlier, police clashed with supporters of Mr. Sonko in Bignona town in the Southern Casamance region on Thursday.

The government confirmed that one person was killed in the Thursday violence, which followed Mr. Sonko’s arrest in Dakar a day earlier.

Mr. Sonko has been accused of raping a woman at a salon where he went to get massages.

He has described the case as politically motivated and an attempt by President Macky Sall’s allies to ensure he can’t run in the next election.

Last week, Senegal’s parliament voted to strip Mr. Sonko’s immunity so the rape trial could proceed.

Some opposition leaders were excluded from contesting 2019 elections for legal reasons and Mr Sonko says he is the latest in this pattern.


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