Acquiring basic knowledge and continuous training are necessary factors needed to excel in any given Profession.

A retired Director in Oyo State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Mr Sanusi Adesina said this while featuring on Pensioners FM Elders Personality Programme, The Grey Hair.

The retiree, who is now a farmer, said being an experienced professional in any given field is beyond acquiring the academic qualifications.

Mr Adesina said “Go for training, you just can’t just jump into farming, you have to go for training on that particular field of farming you want to venture into, go for better training to gain more knowledge and experience”.

Mr Adesina enjoined unemployed Nigerians retirees to get something doing financially and not rely solely on what they get as pension.

He added that “when it comes to cost implication, even if you have millions you may not be able to achieve something, start with the little amount you have and don’t forget prayer makes all things work well, pray too and it will go well”.

Mr. Adesina advised workers to always be committed to their jobs and have preretirement plans.


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