Mothers are nation builders – Cleric

It is never too late to show our gratitude to mothers. From raising their children and sticking by them when they are moody teenagers and being the occasional shoulder to cry on, they have always had their backs. Which is why Mother’s Day is celebrated every year in over 152 countries worldwide. Unlike holidays with a set date, Mother’s Day has more to do with a specific day of the week: It falls on the second Sunday in May each year. This year, it was on May 8.The popularity of the day is that many people celebrate the day by giving their mother cards or gifts, doing nice things for her, or spending the day with her or calling her (which should be done even when it is not Mother’s Day).

Celebrating this years’ mother day, a Guidance Counselor, Rev. Segun Idowu noted that mothers are very important in child upbringing and family cohesion.

Rev. Idowu added that mothers are expected to be proper role models who should inspire emulation.

He charged mothers to always cooperate with their husbands to build a virile family that will transmit to a society and nation.

Babatunde Tiamiyu

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