Couples need to guide against actions and deeds that may lead to collapse of their marriages thereby jeopardizing the future of their children and societal peace at large.

This was the submission of an Islamic scholar and chief imam of Airport central Mosque, Alakia, Ibadan, USTAZ HASSAN MOHMADUL AWWAL, while delivering the second annual Ramadan lecture of Alabidun Muslim community, New Airport, Alakia, Ibadan.

Speaking on the topic “Marital Divorce; Cause and Solution from Islamic perspective”, USTAZ MOHMADUL AWWAL emphasised genuine love, understanding, tolerance and reliance on teaching of the Holy Quran and Hadith of Prophet MUHAMMED as antidotes to the current state of marriage collapse and divorce

“Muslims can guide against divorce, by following the injunction of Allah Subuhanalah Wahatala, and dictate of Prophet Muhammed because any marriage laid on the foundation of Allah and His Prophet will stand firm, it’s likely the effect of divorce on the family is that the children will suffer mentally if the two of them are together they will be able to give their children sound and quality training”.                           

Welcoming guests and members to the Annual Ramadan Lecture, the Amir of Alabidun Muslim Community, New Airport, Alakia, Ibadan Alhaji ABDUL-RAMON YUSUFF OJASOPE said the programme Was put in place to encourage Muslims in observing the tenets of Ramadan and Islam in general.

“In accordance with Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed, I will enjoin you all to be more committed and obey the dos and don’ts of Prophet of Allah, also let us make use of this unique month of Ramadan to come to a new leaf in our endeavours”.

Highlight of the event which had important dignitaries among whom is the General Manager, Pensioners’FM, Dr BABATUNDE TIAMIYU in attendance include special prayer for Oyo State and Nigeria ahead of 2023 general elections

Babatunde Tiamiyu

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