Bukola Adediji, popularly known as Ajanlekoko, broke into the Palace of Soun of Ogbomoso on Thursday and injured a Palace chief known as Aremole.

Adedeji, who is 30 years old, also destroyed some property.

The Palace Secretary, Mr. Toyin Ajamu, who confirmed the intrusion, however, noted that Adedeji is a drug addict and mentally unstable.

He told said “No crown was stolen contrary to claims in some quarters. He broke into the Palace and injured Chief Aremole who wanted to drive him away.

“He knocked off two teeth from the chief but he was eventually overpowered and was handled to his family.

“He is not mentally stable as a result of hard drugs. I heard he takes Colorado and other hard drugs but our concern is why coming to the Palace”?.

“He was handed over to his relatives and we have reported the incident to the police.”

Ajamu also noted that the intruder was not a prince as reported in some quarters.

He said, “He is not from any of the royal families. He had made such an attempt once and was overpowered and when they took him to Bowen Teaching Hospital because he was injured, they discovered that he is a patient there (psychiatric department).”

PM/Cynthia Akere

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