Senators at Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial have been shown new dramatic and graphic video of the day his supporters stormed the US Congress.

The footage showed police engaging in hand-to-hand clashes with rioters and desperately pleading for support.

Officers ushered politicians to safety, sometimes within metres of the mob breaking into the chambers.

Using Mr. Trump’s own words and tweets, Democrats prosecuting the case argued he had acted as “inciter in chief”.

A two-thirds majority is required to convict Mr. Trump in the evenly split 100-seat Senate, but an acquittal looks likely as the vast majority of Republican senators have remained loyal to him so far.

However, if convicted, he could be barred from holding office again.

In at times emotional testimony, impeachment managers, the Democrats tasked with leading the prosecution, methodically pieced together the attack on the Capitol.

The building was stormed after thousands gathered in support of false claims that widespread fraud denied Mr. Trump victory in the November presidential election, five people died, including a Capitol police officer.

The former US President before the attack told the crowd to “fight like hell”

Impeachment managers also focused on Mr. Trump’s failure to condemn and call-off his supporters as the violence unfolded. “President Trump left everyone in this Capitol for dead,” Representative Joaquin Castro said.

Despite the strong footage, several Republican senators said they had not changed their minds. “[Mr. Trump] bears some responsibility for what happened that day, but that doesn’t mean that impeachment is the right way to address it,” said Senator Marco Rubio.


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