Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun, has identified failure to fulfill electoral promises by the elected officers at all levels of governance as the bane of the country’s development, calling on the crop of various aspirants currently angling for one position or the other in the 2023 general elections to let their words be their bound if and when they get to office.

Oba Balogun made this observation on Saturday during the consultation visit of one of the presidential aspirants under the banner of New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Mr. Olufemi Ajadi to him in his Alarere residence, asking him to be objective, sincere and genuine in his campaign.

The monarch noted that if the nation’s politicians had religiously followed their blue-print or manifesto with which they campaigned and won elections since 1999 when the current democratic experience began, Nigeria would not be where it is today. “We have heard very beautiful promises and great programmes lined up ahead of elections only for all such to vanish into thin air after the electoral exercise.

“We have seen campaigns turning to cajole after people got to offices. A stop must be put to this and that’s why I’m charging you to toe a different path if you make it there. The path I’m advocating is that of honour and integrity. As a young man, I can see you with brilliant ideas capable of transforming this country to a place of our dreams and those of our forefathers”, Olubadan added.

He therefore charged him not to be a deceit and should not allow the allure of office to sway him from his determined and focused mission of giving the country a breath of fresh air. “The country needs fresh ideas and a clear departure from the old ways of doing things if we want to be counted among the comity of serious-minded countries in the world”, Oba Balogun said further.

On his mission to the palace, the NNPP presidential hopeful, Ajadi said the purpose of his visit was to intimate Olubadan of his decision to vie for the country’s number one position under the banner of the NNPP and solicit for Kabiyesi’s royal blessings. He said he was moved by motion without movement which the country has been subjected to over the years due to leadership problem.

He maintained that his vision is to fill the missing gap in the leadership lane of the country, saying, “I have gone to some parts of the world and saw how things work over there. We keep asking that why has it been difficult for our own country to work in such a way that the people can live and enjoy their God-given resources unhindered?

“The answer lies in those of us with the ability to make meaningful contributions, but, who have been shying away from the reality. I don’t want to be part of the members of complainant party again and that’s why I’m stepping forward to offer myself for the exalted position. I plead to our fathers in Yorubaland to please speak up, we don’t want to be slaves in our land again, speak to them and let them know what we want”, he pleaded with the monarch.

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