Youths and Sports Development Minister Sunday Dare has said the Federal Government had created a unified platform for unemployed youths in the 36 states of the federation.

The minister spoke at the end of a three-day sensitisation workshop on the use of the Nigeria Online Youth Assembly (NOYA) platform held at the National Youth Development Centre in Ode Omu, Osun State.

Represented by the Director of Procurement in the ministry, Mr. Segun Oke, the minister said the platform was created for youths to have access to timely information on job opportunities.

He explained that the Federal Government took the step to empower Nigerian youth and disseminate timely information on career enhancing, trainings, job and employment placement opportunities via the unified platform.

According to him, the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development believes that “the energy, skills and aspirations of young people are crucial assets that no country can afford to waste, and helping them to realise their full potential by gaining access to employment is no doubt a prerequisite to poverty eradication and sustainable development”.

Dare added: “Rather than see the youths as a burden to the society, the creation of a youth job template offers the Government a distinctive opportunity to focus on employment and job creation for young persons in the country.”

Appraising the ministry’s achievements in creating employment, Dare said: “My ministry, in the last few years in the area of job and employment creation, has conducted different skills acquisition and empowerment programmes as a result of the need for investment in the youth in a deliberate and planned manner and as a sustainable pathway to lifting a huge number of Nigerian Youths out of poverty to sustain them in productive and viable occupational engagement.

“It is, therefore, on this note that my Ministry is creating awareness and innovative opportunities for Nigerian youths by advancing nimble values and principles, creating a safe space for networking, developing new skills, sharing ideas and flourishing together through leveraging on the Nigerian Online Youth Assembly (NOYA) to crowd source Youth employment in Nigeria.

“Over the years, young persons have played vital roles in leading global movements that have changed the world, despite the numerous challenges that they often face, such as age and gender discrimination, lack of resources and unemployment.

“Therefore, permit me to say that NOYA platform tends to reinvent the future of Nigerian youths, using knowledge and creativity to escape poverty traps, unemployment, immoral acts and other unhealthy plaques existing in our society.

“Having been sensitized on the various opportunities available on the NOYA platform, I urge all youth gathered here today and all Nigerian youth to take up the challenge for self-development that will support youth inclusion in nation-building.

“You have the potentials, the talents and energies. So, take up opportunities for skills development and other opportunities that will give you the leverage in Global Economy.”


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