Safety has been identified as a means for businesses to thrive in the country.

A Food Technologist from the University of Ibadan, Professor Abdulrahman Akinoso, made this known in an interview with pensioners FM.

According to Professor Akinoso, insecurity in the country has made lots of businesses fold up and this in turn has affected all aspects of the economy.

According to him “Insecurity in the country contributed to the shortage of food in the country, as distribution and production will be affected”

He also stated that, as businesses are folding up, people are rendered jobless, leading to a high rate of unemployment in the country.

He said “The insecurity is beyond banditry and Insurgency, Armed Robbery is also has it effect on food production”                

Professor Akinoso advised that, for Nigeria’s economy to go back to normalcy, the government should tackle insecurity to make the country safe for businesses and citizens.

Yetunde Oke

3 thoughts on “Expert Harps on Safe Environment for Business Growth”
  1. Absolutely sir,in addition to your explanation those are the farmer and transporter insecurity affect them.

    1. May Almighty Allah increase your wisdom knowledge and life expectancy in this world wish you to embrace the Akinoso family’s thanks very much sir.

  2. You are very much correct prof. Thanks for the insight, I pray that the government yield to your advice. May Almighty God restore peace in our country .

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