Eating Nutritious Meals has been described as the key factor in boosting the immune system and prevention of certain diseases.

A Dietitian, Mrs Subulade Omobolaji said this while featuring on Pensioners FM Health Programme, Radio Clinic.

Mrs Omobolaji explained that meals that are important for Growth and Development of the Body, must be rich in Fiber, Carbohydrates, Fats and Oils, Proteins and Natural Sugars such as Fruits.

She said meals high in Trans Fat mostly found in junks and refined sugars are detrimental to the body system.

She said ” When you don’t eat right, it leads to Malnutrition, which can happen to children and the elderly. When you are not eating right, you may have iron deficiency which leads to anemia. If you are not eating right, your immune system will be low, little things would strike you down”

Mrs Omobolaji added that breakfast should not be skipped for any reason, noting that healthy meals do not necessarily cost a fortune.

Kristidetan Taiwo

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