National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), yesterday, appealed to members of the public to refrain from making unsavoury comments over the sex video involving some students of Chrisland Schools, who represented their school at the World School Games in Dubai.

The association said the move would go a long way in ensuring the mental wellbeing of the minors involved.

The association also called for the introduction of a Lagos State Monitoring and Supervisory Committee among the school management team pending the conclusion of the investigation.

The National President of NAPPS, Mr. Yomi Otubela, stated that acts portraying moral decadence were not exclusive to schools because the issue cuts across every aspect of the society.

Mr. Otubela said: “Since children are a reflection of the society they live in, it, therefore, shows that a concerted effort will be needed to nip the malaise in the bud. Sadly, moral decadence has eaten deep into the moral fabrics of the society and the result is what we are witnessing today in the society including our educational institutions.”

He expressed concern that parents are shying away from the  responsibility of shaping their children’s future through inculcating morally acceptable behaviour in them, adding that they prefer to shift the responsibility to the schools.

Mr. Otubela said that “when the background of a child is already faulty and without the needed support from home to effectively collaborate with the school management to address the identified challenges, one can only imagine how such a child will turn out to be in society.”

The president emphasised the shutdown of all branches of Chrisland Schools by the Lagos State Government over the said sex video, would deny other children their rights to learn more and for those in the terminal classes the right to continue their preparation for their final examinations.

He said: “Equally of concern is the fact that the parents, as observed above, are not always available for the upkeep of these children. So, we are disturbed about what become of these children for the period of the closure.”

ThisDay/Cynthia Akere

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