Reactions have continued to trail the viral video of some Chrisland students seen engaging in immoral acts during the World School Games in Dubai.

Gospel Singer, Lady Evangelist Bola Are, faulted the school for neglecting the students put in its care and charged parents to rise to their parental duties by raising children in the way of the Lord.

Lady Evangelist Are said it is the duty of parents to guide their children against peer pressure, and not leave it solely on schools and the society.

Speaking to Pensioners’ FM, Lady Evangelist Are insisted that poor parenting has largely contributed to the vices among children and youths.

 “Parent should watch their children, they should never join the multitude to do evil and when you see your children moving with people that have calamities, people that have horrors of life, people that are just wayward, run at them and bring them back home”

Lady Evangelist Are also faulted churches that preach prosperity over salvation, urging them to educate the society on the wages of sin.

She also enjoined singers of all genres to use their music to kick against the growth of immorality in the society.

The Lagos State Government had shut down all branches of Chrisland Schools over the viral video of a supposedly 10-year-old girl engaging in sexual act with one of her classmates in Dubai.

Adebayo Yusuf

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