Babafemi Obideyi
About Babafemi Obideyi

Babafemi Obideyi is a graduate of the University of Ibadan, believes in the freedom of speech and of information for an informed citizens’ decision making and  advocates the conveyance of the right information through careful arrangement and apt delivery.

A Newscaster and a presenter of Africa’s pride for Pensioners 106.7 FM. A strong believer of the incoming insurgence and liberation of free thinking progressives, savvy techpreneurs that will drive the next phase of the sectors in Nigeria and in the African continent.

A student of life and experiences, with a conscientious knack for knowledge, seeking to know about everything. Voracious consumer of information. I have a special interest in education, sports and politics. Hobbies are reading, swimming, talking and singing. Public speaking is not a choice, writing is a must and thinking is the bridge.