A lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication, Lead City University, Ibadan, and Vice Chairman, League of Veteran Journalists, Oyo State Chapter, Dr Bayo Busari, has said beliefs should have nothing to do with the way citizens should exercise their franchise.

Speaking on Pensioners FM’s Current Affairs Programme, Voice of Liberation, Dr Busari said voting should be a civic exercise that comes with no religious or tribal sentiments: “siting polling units in churches, mosques and shrines is completely wrong. How do we compromise the tenets of democracy just because we want to strike a balance among the various religions. I must commend INEC in Oyo State for relocating polling units from such places. Imagine a Christian going to mosque or shrine to vote or vice versa. Democracy does not work that way. A level playing field must be created for all. This could have made a lot of people opt not to vote all.”

Airing his view on the role of the media ahead of the 2023 polls, Dr Busari emphasized the need for freedom of the press while also calling on journalists to know their limits according to the laws guiding the profession: “The Federal Government is actually right to ask NBC to sanction stations using foul language as campaigns heat up ahead of the election. It is true that government may have its agenda but it has to do its part in sanitizing the political environment. Media professionals must therefore understand the laws guiding the Profession and adhere strictly to them”.

Dr Busari added that Election should not be a do or die affair.

Dupe Akinyooye/Cynthia Akere

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